Expanded acceptability for Travel Trailers

Expanded acceptability for Travel Trailers*

We’re excited to announce that beginning June 24, 2015 we will begin accepting cargo, utility & horse trailers, with no living quarters, into our Travel Trailer program. We consider cargo, utility and horse trailers to be non-motorized vehicles that are towed and used to carry horses or personal belongings.

General Acceptability

  • ACV and TLR settlement methods are available
  • Horse trailer values up to $50,000, utility trailer values up to $10,000 and cargo utility trailer values up to $20,000
  • Not available on full-timer policies

Tips on how to find in pick list

For ease in quoting, we have added into our system the top 25 manufacturers of each type of cargo, utility and horse trailers without living quarters. If you cannot find your trailer type when quoting, please select ‘other utility/cargo’ or ‘other horse trailer’ without living quarters. Our quote flow will be the same and FAO will ask you the make and model.

Cross sell current customers

Increase your book of business by cross selling. Start the conversation by asking your truck customers if they tow anything and then get your cargo, utility & horse trailer customers the coverage only a specialized RV insurance policy can provide.

*Coverages not available in HI or MA


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